Edit Names of CC lanes

I absolutely love what they have done with the Key Editor, being able to edit CC lanes for multiple instruments, edit velocities, open up different lanes to edit them all at the same time. This feature request nowhere close to an urgent request, but think it would be a nice quality of life change. My projects usually consist of using different libraries, and some with many different cc lanes to fine adjust playback. And if you are someone that has used EastWest Hollywood Woodwinds, then you know that they aren’t consistent with their CC lanes for expression and layer crossfade. I just would find it extremely useful to be allowed to rename a CC lane to what that libraries uses for that exact CC lane. VSL Synchron also has a lot of fine tuning functions, so being able to manage them a bit easier would be very helpful.
Thanks a lot guys with this amazing product!

Thanks for the feedback. This is an interesting idea, and one we’ll file away for possible future implementation. I can certainly see the utility of being able to save a descriptive name as well as the MIDI CC value you’re editing.

Wouldn’t the VST3 spec allow Dorico to pull that info directly from a plugin?