Edit note shorten duration with beginning rest

Likely this question has been asked and answered, but after 30 minutes I could not find it :frowning:

Let’s say I’m in 4/4 time and have a whole note already entered - and now I want to change that into a half note - but the half note starts on beat 3. I.e. I want a half note rest followed by my already entered value. So you can do this in three steps:

1 - Select the note change it to half note - which creates the half note rest starting on beat 3
2 - Copy/paste the half note onto the rest
3 - Delete the starting half note.

Is there an easier way to do this?

You can move the caret to the third beat, type U to cut the whole note in half, and then delete the unwanted half note.
(Be sure you are not in Insert mode for this.)

Derrek - Thanks for quick response. AFAICT it’s a lower case “u”, but yes that works. (That’s also Key command for scissors).

But that only works up to the max granularity of the grid. Suppose you want to split a 16th into a 32 rest followed by 32nd note?

In that case you might have to retype the measure.
(But that’s not the question you posed.)

One way to do this would be to input a 16th rest at the start of the 32nd note: this would overwrite the first half of the 16th and leave the second intact. To do this, you’d select the 16th note, hit Return or Shift+N for the caret, then hit , to engage rest mode, hit 3 to choose a 32nd note, and type any note name (e.g. A) to input the rest. That should do it.

Daniel - That (more or less) is what I was initially trying to do, but I couldn’t get it to work. With your suggestion, I finally figured what I was doing wrong. Going back to my original example of splitting up a whole note, I didn’t notice that the carat was positioned after my whole note.

Meanwhile - as long as I have you here? Speaking as a fellow (semi-retired) software developer (I’m in business software) I am very impressed with how the Dorico team has managed the development and rollout of this product. It must have been fun to start fresh :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind words. Yes, it has been huge fun to be able to start from scratch, but it has also been equally daunting. Fortunately I believe that our team is the best in the world and is up to the challenge! But we will not rest on our laurels and know we still have a good way to go.