Edit options unavailable?

I’m in Write mode and all of a sudden when I select things, most of the Edit mode options are unavailable. I can filter using keyboard shortcuts but can’t access things that don’t have keyboard shortcuts. What gives?

When you say ‘unavailable’ what exactly do you mean? Greyed out? Please attach a screen grab of the phenomenon.

Have you made any kind of changes to your Dorico installation etc? Have you rebooted?

I’ve had this happen, but not for a while. I switch to Engrave Mode, then back, and the menu items all appear in dark - not greyed out. Have you tried that?

I had this happen a couple of times around six months ago and then again just a few weeks ago. Most of the editing functions in Write mode are greyed out. As R Pearl says, switching to a different mode and then back again clears it.

Yes that seems to work for me. Ah well.