Edit paragraph style preview display minor bug

Apologies if this has been discussed before - can’t find this exact thing anywhere (though it appears there has been a fix to a different paragraph style preview bug)
When I make edits to stretch and spacing of a paragraph style, these changes do not show in the preview box at first (though they do affect the overall size of the box because if there is a border that changes position even though the letters do not). They do then appear if the change is applied and then the p.style dialogue reopened, but they don’t work as previews. Obviously not a huge issue, but since the minor bug about background colour clipping has been fixed I thought I might as well bring it up…

Thanks for reporting this. I can confirm the problem. A quick investigation hasn’t yielded any answers as to what is going on, but I’ve made a note of this and will return to it when I have some more time.

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