"Edit Percussion Playing Techniques" not available

I have several projects that have drum kits with specific playing techniques. Today, I tried to go back and look at one of the technique mappings and I can’t even access the menu. I’ve restarted Dorico and have tried different projects, but nothing helps.

Any ideas on what is wrong would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Have you opened the percussion kit?

No problems doing “Edit Percussion Kit…”

The Instrument in that player is actually a Percussion Kit and not a single percussion instrument, so you won’t be able to edit it from the menu in your screenshot.

Have you followed the below steps? Be sure to read the second dot point.

Thank you Daniel.

I changed the player to not be a drum kit but it’s still showing as one. There was music engraved in the player…I wonder if that is causing it to remain as a kit.

Can you attach the project? Will be much easier to diagnose.

Also, the instrument in your last screenshot is green (on the left side), which means it is still a kit. Single instruments are blue.

One can export an instrument within a kit to an individual instrument outside the kit held by the same Player that holds the kit.

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