Edit Playback Times Dialog

When in the CD window-options-Edit Playback time, open the dialog box there is that option there to “add one second of silence before playback” for me checked or unchecked this option seems to make no difference on any playback scenarios. Can someone explain further?

It works if the following function is used.


hi PG,
thanks for the response, as usual. So as you have described, that was my understanding as well, and yet for me it makes no difference. I made a short video to give an example. I set the test time to 5 secs.
ran it once unchecked extra 1 sec pause, then ran it again checked 1 sec pause. Both results identical. maybe you can tell me what I’m missing here? https://youtu.be/wAb1Jl29GbM

The “one second” is something (short) that you hear (“hear silence”), some silence that is added, not something that is part of the montage, hence not something visible in the counter. The idea is to have a small discontinuity to prevent zero transition between two track extracts.

so I have to assume you heard that small amount of silence in my example. It escapes me currently, because to me I perceive both demonstrations identical. I was aware that the counter itself was not going to reflect the 1 sec. I wasn’t aware I myself would not be able to detect any difference.

You actually have to activate the following option to have the “one second” option active. Not so obvious, I must say.

ok, so now we are getting somewhere, but as we uncover and solve one thing we expose another. When I enact the Pre-Roll Mode check mark, it does indeed enact a preroll. You can even see it in the little counter. But this particular pre roll is reflective of what time is set in “Edit Playback Times” pre roll. For example in my case that pre roll is set at 2 secs, so when the “Pre-Roll Mode” check box is checked, as in the above picture, the counter actually spins back 2 secs before each song, visibly and audibly apparent. However, the “add 1 sec of silence check box” continues to make no difference, checked or un checked, as it does in my demonstration video.

It makes a real difference here. I have tested with normal CD tracks interleaved with “sine wave” CD tracks, to make the transitions abrupt. The “One Second” option is then obvious.

ok, thanks PG
I will have to pass that off to my system for some reason, Thank you for testing on your system…