Edit Playing Techniques Global

Hi! I created some specific organ pedal markings in Custom Playing Technique (Edit Playing Techniques) for a particular score. It all worked great, except I started another organ score and those markings are not available in the new score. I was hoping those new markings would be available globally but they don’t seem to be.

Are the custom techniques (Edit Playing Techniques) only available for a specific score? If not, how do I make them global to be seen in all future scores in which I would like to use them?


Welcome to the forum @jfarnes1! They’re only in the project in which you create them, unless you click the Save as Default star button so it appears filled-in. That makes it available in multiple projects.

Welcome to the forum, @jfarnes1. Playing techniques are indeed specific to the score in which you design them, unless you click the little star button in the action bar in the left-hand list in Engrave > Playing Techniques, which saves them as a default for future projects. Thereafter any new project that you create will contain the item(s) you have saved as a default.


Okay. Thanks Dan, and Lillie for your quick response. Very much appreciated.

Can I go back to the original score, save those as defaults, and have them show up in the new one?

Once you go back to the original score and make those PT’s defaults you will have to open a new file for them to appear.

Okay. Thank you!

Actually it’s my understanding that once saved as default, a playing technique will be available in any subsequent project you open - new or existing.

I think Derrek is right. I’ve just saved those as default and they don’t show up in the newly created score. Completed closed Dorico, went back in, and they weren’t there. Next test is to make sure they are there in a brand-new score.