Edit plug in QCs?

Is there a way to edit the new QC on the plug ins.
I mean e.g. QC 1 is assigned to drive and I’d like to be Cutoff.
Is that possible?

In the top right corner of the plugin GUI, there is a QC button to edit assignments. (apparently some NI and Spectrasonics plugins don’t show this right now)

Precisely I’d like to edit those knobs.
Knob 1 to cutoff instead of drive for example.
I haven’t noticed the small arrow …

You can also right click in the space just above the plugin GUI to invoke the Remote Control Editor, which allows customizing the Quick Controls assignments - should work even for plugins that don’t show the QC button

I hope, this is a joke … this opens the old editor

why would it be a joke, if it still works in Cubase 12 to achieve the desired result of customizing QC assignments for a plugin that can’t do it the new way?

ok, maybe this works, never tried this, but the buttons on the left side are hidden, the plugin foto button e.g.