edit Recent Projects list v7.5, v7

How can I easily edit the Recent Projects list? I have tried to find its folder, but it is not where people say it should be. I’ve looked for it, given the advice I found on the Web, but I could not locate the folder there -
“To clear the Recent Projects list in Cubase, find the DEFAULTS.XML file (C:\USERS\username\APPDATA\ROAMING\STEINBERG\CUBASEn\DEFAULTS.XML in my Win 7 system - use search if you’re not sure), open it (notepad is fine for this) locate (use the FIND function) and you will see a list of projects. You can delete those you don t want from the to the . You need to SAVE the file before you exit.”

Where else would this file be?

Aloha b,

1-I have never found a quick/easy way to do this.
2-This has been requested by users for years now.
3-After reading your post I went on a search (again) and still can not find it.
4-My current work-a-round (if you can call it that) is to just
delete each entry when Cubase ask something stupid like:
‘I can’t find that file. Should I delete the entry’?
I then press ‘yes’ and wonder to myself why there is not a ‘Delete All Entries’ button.

And of course this can all be sooooo time consuming.

Good Luck!

The Appdata folder is hidden. In Windows Explorer go to the view options and select “Show hidden files and folders”
I also just remembered that in the Start Menu, in the Cubase folder, there is a link to the Preferences folder.

Thanks guys. The data that lists the Recent Projects is not in this file - DEFAULTS.XML Does anyone know where to find this list?

It is in there. I just checked it to make sure it hasn’t changed in C7.5.10. Did you read my link? Use the search function for “GRecentDocumentPaths”. It is almost at the very end.

The Appdata folder is hidden

Type %appdata% in the adress bar of explorer, it navigates to the right directory even when hide options ar still on!