EDIT: Seems solved & working: Cubase and Eucon losing connection

I recently added an S1 controller to the studio. It works well for the most part, but I’ve been running into an issue when enabling tracks.

My template has a large number of disabled instrument tracks and when enabling, and this only happens occasionally but at least once per session, the Eucon connection breaks and they no longer talk to each other. Restarting Eucon apps or resetting Eucon in Cubase does nothing. The only way to restore the handshake is to restart Cubase.

Perhaps I should create an independent network just for Eucon…tempted to try that.

I created an independent network and since then I have a stable connection (Artist Mix, Artist Transport and Avid Control on a cheap Android tablet)

Well I tried it and same issue. Drops the handshake when enabling a track at random.

Not sure what else to do here

So it seems I’ve been able to solve the issue but completely removing any trace of Eucon (used AppCleaner) and reinstalled. I also replaced the ethernet cable with the best Cat6 I had as a spare as the old one I was using I didn’t trust anymore.

All issues…crashing during bounce, dropped connections…so far seem to be resolved.