Edit shortcuts applying to cursor position and not the selected window

Hi all,
I mainly work with 3 windows on 2 screens: Arrange up/Edit on the lower side and Mix window on another screen. I edit and do changes switching often between the windows, especially Arrange and edit (ex. MIDI track on the arrange and Key edit on the lower side when double clicking) and I use shortcuts BUT the shortcuts only apply to the previously selected window so I need to click every time on the other window to apply to the changes (for instance G and H to zoom the track or the edits separately).
That is a waste of time, focus and more mistakes.
Is it possibleto set Cubase so that everywhere I point the mouse cursor that window is automatically selected?

I’m on Cubase 11 and Mac Intel with Monterey.

Thank you

Sadly no. The problem is there are no commands to for example set the focus to the project Window. I think some folks use Auto Hot Key to get around this limitation.

Personally I think it should track my eyes and focus where I’m looking.

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