"Edit Single Lyric" dialog doesn't allow Ctrl-B or Ctrl-I

When editing a single lyric in the dialog, I find Ctrl-B and Ctrl-I don’t apply bold and italics to selections. They can only be applied via the dropdown. Not sure if this is intentional, just FYI.

(Assuming you’re using 5) I reproduce this in 4.3.

Also this prompts me to notice that Ctrl-Enter (⌘-Return) doesn’t work either, so there is no way to hit the OK button from the keyboard, like we can with the the staff text editor.

I wouldn’t say it’s intentional as such, but it’s certainly expected. The shortcuts for the text editor only work for the text editor in the score, not in a dialog (so it’s the same story in e.g. the Edit Instrument Names dialog).

A niggle: If there’s not going to be a way to hit the OK button from the keyboard, could we please have no misleading border around the button? Could this UI standard please be observed everywhere?