Edit sound file in external editor!?

I was surprised that Nuendo doesn’t have this feature when I went looking for it today. Really!?

It’s super useful. You can hit a key command and the file opens up in an external editor of your choice. You do what you want, then hit save and close it, and it pops back up in Nuendo.

I believe Cubase SX used to have this no? Anyway we can get this back?


You can do this after exporting a mix, but not with content within the project.
The reason why you can’t do that is because Steinberg would have to trow the whole process history in the trashcan.


I personally think that it should still be possible to do this for specific files while losing the ability to go back to earlier edits for the specific file. (Or at least drag and drop to other apps)


Thanks for the reply Fredo.

I was afraid that might be the reason. It would be nice to still be able to do this, maybe with a warning that we’d be losing our edit history.

And when you say that we can do this after exporting a mix you mean by manually opening it in an editor right? There is no key-command available for having Nuendo open it automatically is there?


Sort of.
There’s an option “Post Process” at the bottom of the export page.
See screenshot.
Post Process.jpg

Is that how you export stuff to RX?
I am really curious, because my workaround is to “Audio - Bounce” and then select the file in Nuendo’s audio directory in the finder and drag and drop to RX, edit, save as…, select the file in the directory in the finder and drag and drop back to Nuendo.

For me this is the fastest way, but it’s still way to complicated. An improvement here (like industry wide acceptance of ARA) would help A LOT.

Sometimes I wonder why stuff like redesigning the control room mixer is more important than proper drag and drop integration to external editors…



Implementing the “edit in external wave editor” or drag-and-drop functionality would be amazing.
Even if we need to purge the offline edit history.

Thanks for the tip in the bounce window though. I’ll give it a try.

Nuendo used to have that feature to use Wavelab as an external editor in an earlier version, I distinctively remember using this feature a lot many years ago

How about presenting the user with a warning: “You will loose your History for this file if you proceed”, that gives the user the option to either edit in Nuendo or to edit in their external editor

I second that.

Fredo, I noticed that in my “post processing” box I only have “Upload to Soundcloud”. I don’t own Wavelab.
Is there anyway to set our own wave editors to show up here? That would be nice too.


Been looking for that too.
Maybe we can edit some xml, but I’ll have to ask.