Edit staff labels after musicxml import

After importing musicxml file, I have found that I need to edit the staff labels or else they make no sense and take up to much space.
I run into a little issue with this, when resetting to default.
For example: In my band I have both F Horns and Eb Horns. They play the same voices. So in my score I have 2 f horns and 2 eb horns. When resseting the staff labels, dorico does not take into account the transposition of the instrument, and suddenly I have 4 horns instead of 2 eb horns and 2 f horns.
I also run into problems when naming the trombones. I have every trombone notated both in treble clef and bass clef. Is this an instance where I need to edit the staff labels manually?

There’s a key command that resets all instrument names in the project in one go - “Reset Instrument Names”. Instruments with transpositions generally show the transposition automatically but there’s a layout option for hiding/showing them, which you can also override for individual instruments in the Edit Instrument Names dialog.

If that reveals some instruments are fundamentally the wrong type (such as wrong transposition), you can change the instrument whilst retaining all music on its staves.

It’s best after an XML import to do a Change Instrument to one of Dorico’s natively defined instruments. It may seem a pain, but it will solve so many issues in the long run. Dorico works best when it knows exactly what the instrument is. With XMP imports it tries to accommodate the defined instrument from elsewhere and it doesn’t always work smoothly.

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Agreed. I often have problems with Dorico interpreting a piano as two instruments! Only solution is to copy each into a new grand staff instrument (change instrument does not work in this case)

Thank you, Lillie.
That helped a lot. Still having an issue with the numbering though. But that can wait. Thank you again.
And Craig_F…
Thank you for your comment. I am already in the habit of checking the assigned instruments after import.