Edit tempo marks, "irregular" upbeats, cresc. dim. in score and parts


  1. I’ve to engrave a score with individual tempo marks. Unfortunatelly they’re quite long from time to time. So I get problems like this one:

I wonder if it’s possible to write the tempo marks in two rows. First row: Im Hauptzeitmaß, second row: sehr bestimmt.
Setting up two tempo marks doesn’t work. The second one overwrites the first one.
Just use Shift+X works for the corresponding line in the part - but not for the parts of the other instruments.
Do you’ve any idea how I could deal with this problem except putting this bars in a new system or hate the composer :cry: ?

  1. I’ve the following upbeat:

For now I didn’t find any option for an upbeat like this. Wouldn’t be a problem but Dorico counts this as a bar. So the complete bar-counting is wrong. Is there any solution for irregular upbeats and bar-counting like this?

3.) The composer uses both, dim./cresc. and hairpins. Which makes sense. Now I recognized that in the parts for some reasons all the dims. and crescs. are shown as hairpins. Thats just annoying because I just found the option for the global use of cresc./dim. instead of hairpins and vica versa. Now I have to look for every single cresc. or dim. in the score and the corresponding hairpin in the part and set it up manually. Thats Sysiphus work at its best. Please tell me that I was just to blind for the appropriate option :wink:

Hi !

  1. I’m thinking about your tempo mark… You might need to input a system text (and format it like a tempo text) with alt-shift-x exactly where you want the tempo to change. You can then (or before) input your tempo marking and hide it.
  2. For your upbeat, entering the meter with shift M and 6/8,3 in the popover should do what you ask for.
  3. If your full score has the appropriate dynamics entered, simply select all in the full score and Edit menu>Propagate properties (the way the dynamics are displayed is a property, since it is in the bottom panel, also called properties panel). This will prevent you from moving everything manually.
    Hope it helps !

1.) Solved. Thats the solution I was looking for, thanks!
2.) 6/8,3 causes an upbeat with 3 eighth notes. But I’m looking for 3 16th in a 6/8. So to speak 6/8,1.5 :wink: And the bar counting is still confusing :wink:

I wonder if it’s possible to set a new bar counting from a certain point on. Just change the second bar from bar 2 to 1. In Sibelius this was possible. Also in Dorico?
3.) Solved! Thanks!

6/8,1.5 should indeed fix it. If you were starting from scratch, Dorico would get the bar numbering right. Regardless, it’s easy enough to fix - select a note in the pickup bar, right-click, Bar Numbers > Add bar number change. Then set “Don’t Include” from the dialog box.

2.) Solved with bar numbers change.
Thanks to both of you!
Unfortunatelly the score was a mxl-Import. So I couldn’t start from scratch :slight_smile:

You can work around the problem of a file being an XML import, especially if you find too many “problems” : create a new flow and copy the music to it, make sure you create new instruments and copy the content on those, use some reset functions (reset appearance, reset beaming, remove forced beam, etc). Although it seems to be big operations, I find Dorico very reliable and performs those tasks quite easily (of course, it’s going to be painful to recreate a whole symphonic orchestra, but for two or three players, you can really earn time by starting with a “clean” dorico flow).
Apologies for the upbeat, it was still early here :wink: