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Hello dear pro community

i have a question, I would like to change the tempo of a single track. For example, a snare roll that not only goes from 16th to 32nd but really increases, just like I set it. Here’s an example of what I mean: 3 ways to speed up & slow down time - YouTube approx. 04:00 I have it with me Tried the sampler and loop but I can’t get it clean on the beat at the beginning and end, which is quite a shame on Ableton eg. it’s a matter of seconds, as you can see, Cubase should be able to do that too. The tempo track doesn’t help me much, since I don’t want to change all tracks, oh and if that would somehow work for MIDI as well, it would be great if you could use a tool to draw in a tempo increase for the MIDI notes… Thank you.


You can time starch the audio.

sure, but not the way it is in the Video, the time strech function in cubase is not realy good and acurate

I am not sure what you mean by

you can stretch the Midi Part using the the Select Tool in Time Stretch mode.

Like this:

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There’s also presets in the logical editor for midi timing , just select the clip and apply the preset

If you want to e.g. speed up a snare roll track but keep the rest unchanged, you can do it like this;

  1. set the timebase of the rest of the tracks to linear
  2. set the timebase of the snare roll to musical (just copy 16th,32th, 64th, or in whatever length you like. At this point the part can be just a straight roll.).
  3. enable the tempo track
  4. draw tempo changes whatever you like. All others do not follow because they are set to linear. (Make sure to use your ears to make it right, the tracks look so weird while doing this but they sound OK.)
    Then when you are satisfied with the speeding up/down snare roll,
  5. set the timebase of the snare to linear
  6. disable tempo track
  7. set timebase of all the tracks including the snare to musical.

(followings are optional, not in the gif animation)
7. remove all the tempo changes. The snare roll still keeps the timing.
8. set the tempo to the original value

Something like this;
It looks like the 4/4 track is changing the time while changing the tempo track but it’s the opposite.

oh Wow thx 1000 times

thats not what i mean, i want to rise the tempo a-sync like in the video

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I would really like it to continue showing the waveform/notes in real-time when stretching.
The way it is currently displayed (in fact, it isn’t displayed) is not practical at all, we just can’t see where it would end exactly, and makes the lining up with the grid impossible.

For example when I correct the tempo of a full song that slightly drifts over time, I cannot line up the drums transients to the grid precisely (because the end of the song, where I resize the Event from, usually has a long fade, or the tempo slows down, or simply has no drums), I have to stretch multiple times in a row until it matches.

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Well, I was incorrect about what the OP needed to do, so that’s a conversation for another topic.