Edit text created in write mode

I’m really sorry if this is very basic. I promised I’ve searched everywhere I could for an answer, but came up with nothing.
I’m creating a new text using the popover Shift+X. I write my text, then press Esc; the text is created perfectly… except I spelled something wrong. I want to edit it, but if I double click it or press Enter, the notes’ caret appears. Right click menu doesn’t give me the option to edit. Properties panel, Shift+X, etc. Nothing. Nothing on the “manual”. Any help?

Sound like you’re not hitting the text precisely enough… if the text is orange, hitting enter should do it…

Weird. Tried it again to no avail. Closed the program, re-opened it, and now it works. Don’t know what happened, but thanks!

You should also be able to edit your text by double-clicking it, even if you’re in Engrave mode.

This is not happening no matter how much I try. In write mode, if I hit Enter, it works. But double-clicking it in Engrave mode keeps sending me to Write mode. It works if it’s a text frame. But not with a text created in Write mode.

I’m not convinced you should be able to edit the text in Engrave mode. Engrave mode is for changing the layout of the score, not the content. For example you can move a dynamic mark around in Engrave mode, but you can’t change it from “f” to “p”.

Of course we could have a philosophical debate about whether or not “changing the size or font of a text item” is “changing the content”…

But in any case, double-clicking anything in Engrave mode is a short cut to go into Write mode.

Totally agree with you. I was just answering Stephen. And since I was not sure if that was how Dorico worked, I gave it a try. Now that you confirm my suspicion, I think the problem is “solved” (I still don’t know why I couldn’t edit it before.

Oops - that’s what I meant, as Rob says - double clicking a text box is a shortcut to Write mode (which I think is very useful).

Josue, you may find that it doesn’t correctly edit the text when switching mode if your view settings are such that the zoom level changes when the mode changes (e.g. if you’re using the zoom level to fit the page width or height into the view – this will cause a change because the size of the viewport changes due to the sizes of the panels changing), or if you habitually work in galley view in Write mode. Basically if the position at which you double-click ends up not matching up with the position of the text after the mode changes, the text editor won’t open, and you’ll have to double-click the text again.

Oooooohhhhhhh… Thanks a lot, Daniel. It happened again today. I tend to work in galley view in Write mode. Now I know what’s really happening. Thanks again.
Also, thanks to Stephen and Rob for your inputs. I’m just learning to use Dorico… until now, I’m loving it.