EDIT the ID3 tag button isn't there when exporting in mp3


I recently updated to Cuabse 9.5 Pro from 9 pro and today when I was trying to export a track in mp3 it wans giving me an option to edit the ID3 Tag (artist and song info) , also when i did press on export it gave me an error saying: “Unexpected error has occured”.
I restarted my PC and it still gives me the same problem… Exporting in FLAC, WAV, AIFF and etc all work fine but the MP3.

Anyone else is having the same problem?? My project is very big and it takes about 15 minutes to load it up… its just very frustrating how such a basic function doesn’t work as intended.

Hey Tim - bummer.!

Just a thought; have you tried getting the latest e-Licenser software and installing that…? Or, running the Maintenance routine if you already have the latest…? Something may have got screwed with the MP3 license, during the update to 9.5



Yes I just ran the update and maintenance routine in the eLicencer app but the problem is still there…
Any other workarounds?

Also here is another problem since I updated to 9.5… My big orchetral templates (800+ tracks) are taking 40-45 minutes to load which was never the case, in 9.0 it was always 10-15 minutes to load up the biggest project, hopefully there will be an update coming soon to fix all the little bugs