edit timing of audio


I returned to Cubase after a few years, although I still use Ableton Live. My question is this:

I have an audio part of a few guitar riffs. Now I want to edit the timing of one note, that is: simply move it back to the grid. In Live this is easy but I can not find a(n) (easy) way to do this in Cubase (manual or the webtutorials give no answer). Tried messing with vari-audio but to no avail. How to proceed?

Cut the one note with the scissors tool, grab it with the mouse - move the mouse until the note is where you want it…!?
In Variaudio in pitch & warp mode move the note start to the place you want it…!?
Both very easy ways to achieve what you want.

I tried the scissor, that worked (after I changed the snap mode). The vari-audio did not work. I can not move parts/notes. When I click on the note and try to move it, it only selects (blues) the space I tried to cross.

You do not move the note, but the start / end of the note.

I try that but it (the start of the note) does not move, it stays fixed. Maybe I miss something conceptual?

You can use Audiowarp in the Audio Editor window (double click the region to open the audio editor). There you can enable free warp in the Audiowarp tab and place warp markers where you like, then move the audio that way. I prefer this method to cutting in the arrange window. Hope this helps.

thx godspeed, that worked. I still don’t understand why I can’t move notestarts in Vari-Audio…

No problem. I think variaudio is more for pitch rather than timing.

Sounds like you have the range tool selected, when - as said already - you should be in “pitch & warp” mode

This could be a possible way of understanding:
If the note segment prior to the one you want to move backwards does end close to the starting point of your note, it’s not possible. The range in which you can move your note is bordered (is this the correct english word?) by the limits of the surrounding notes.
It’s possible to do this in VariAudio by hilighting the note you want to move, together with the note before. By this I think you move the border, and thus change two notes.

Something like that?

You can also do this in the Project window, which I like better when trying to match up with another track. Snip at the start of the note and at the end, change your arrow cursor to the warp arrow and drag the start of your segment. You can choose your stretch algorithm too. This works really well for doubled parts since the stretching is small and you can see both tracks.

Slide… very handy.