Edit top and bottom parts simultaneously (Key Editor / Divided list)

when project view is divided in two, there is no way to edit simultaneously in the Key Editor a MIDI event from the top side + one from the bottom side.

By the way divided list of tracks has an awkward selection management. If I select one from the top and select one from below, those from the top is not unselected. It led me into wrong manipulations so many times, because I did not notice some tracks from the other side were still selected (track deletion, unwanted color assignation…). Can they be selected / edited in a regular way (as if they were on the same side) ?

Can it be fixed with an option or something ?


I’m jus curious, what is your use case behind, please?

We are using the “top side” tracks as kind of “global tracks”, which you want to keep visible while scrolling thru other tracks in the project. So mostly we put there Video track, Tempo track, Signature track, etc.

Why do you divide 2 MIDI tracks, which you need to edit simultaneously, please?

Hi Martin,

no problem, here is my usage. I compose for films. On the top side I have the global tracks, (video, various marker tracks, chord, tempo, signature) but also two MIDI tracks with a piano loaded. This is were I sketch my ideas.

I use the low side for instruments. Sometimes I need to open the MIDI tracks from the top to display my ideas and work more precisely on my instrumentation (see what voicing I used for a chord, check the timing of notes…). And I need to open top + low side.

Does it make more sense?

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