Edit Tuplets: which is the fastest way?

I have a question for the community (I am editing an imported midi file):
how is in your opinion the fastest way to edit/change the tuplet meaning and transform the example 1 into the example 2?
The fastest that I found is the following:
-put red line (stop insert) in the middle of the bar using the carret (or moving the red line from the bar line to the middle of the bar using alt)
-activate insert mode (voice)
-delete the nr. β€œ3” of the first tuplet: the first quarter note will automatically be selected
-click on the 3:2 tuplet button (it creates a tuplet 3 quarters instead of 2)
-click the eight note (the second note) and press R two times to repeat the note
-prolong the automatically selected last eight with the shortcut Shift-Alt-Right -Arrow to let it become a quarter

Thank you for any advice if you have a faster method. Basically how to transform two consecutive tuplets 3:2 (three eight notes instead of two) in a bigger value tuplet 3:2 (three quarter instead of two)?.
example 1

example 2

I would:

  1. Not use the Insert stop position
  2. Keep Insert mode (voice) active
  3. Select the 8th note triplet brackets
  4. Press Delete (to expand the notes inside without deleting/shortening any)
  5. Select the four notes
  6. Press ; (for tuplets popover)
  7. Enter β€œ3:2q” (without the quotation marks, for a triplet that’s 3 quarters in the normal space of 2)
  8. Press Return

Wow, thank you Lillie for the fast response! :-). And yes indeed your method is faster and nothing is deleted. Thank you very much!

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I would trust @Lillie_Harris !
Most important do not panic when you delete the tuplet brackets. All the later notes will shift their rhythmic position, which can look quite alarming. Normality will be restored when you create the new tuplet.


Just remember to turn Insert mode off once you have finished. :grimacing: