edit volume in automation

Hi All, first post,

When creating volume automation is there a way to grab and move the entire horizontal volume line after you created the beginning and ending edit points? Maybe a shift key combination while grabbing with mouse and pulling entire line down as opposed to going to each points and adjusting levels? Thanks

Cubase 5

I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, but I was just going to ask a very similar question, so I’ll piggyback here.

Is there any way to select and change the velocities of multiple notes simultaneously in the controller lane of the key editor? I know there is a way to do this in Cubase 5 and later, with the (apparently undocumented) ctrl-shift keyboard shortcut. I have no idea why it seems to be undocumented or why it is not one of the most obvious, basic features of the controller lane like it is in Ableton Live.

However, I would love to learn how to do this in older versions of Cubase, specifically in SX 2. Does anyone know?


OK, but do you know how to move multiple velocity values at the same time in the controller lane of the MIDI key editor?

I’m the OP. I am seeking advice and added the image as a visual reference.

Click and drag to draw a box that encompasses the points in the automation curve. If you move your mouse cursor into the top center of the region you just selected, your cursor will turn into an arrow. Click and drag up or down to move the automation points up or down together.