Editable file for Roman numeral analysis examples

If anyone can use them, I’m made some Roman numeral examples as staff text that can be copied and pasted.

I used Minion Pro for the root, and Finale Numerics for the inversions. That may pose a problem, as I don’t think there’s any way to get it without Finale. But it is much quicker than manually adjusting the baselines.

This is just the majors and minors: triads and 7th chords.
roman numeral.png

I added a section that can be copied and pasted to show secondary dominants. There are too many combinations to write them all out, but you can copy and edit the expression as needed.

It’s using a “fraction slash,” U+2044.

To add the secondary dominant marking shown above, select and copy the slash and lower numeral. In the Roman numeral
expression you wish to edit, go to the end of the expression, change the font to Minion Pro, and paste the secondary dominant in.
Then set the following values:
Set the slash to 17-pt font size, with letter spacing at 2, and baseline shift of -3.
Set the lower numeral at 12-pt font with a baseline shift of -4.

Of course you could easily keep everything on the same baseline and use a simple slash, but I think this looks better.

Here’s the updated file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qgdvv0i66xto2q6/Roman%20numeral%20analysis.dorico?dl=0
secondary dominant.png


Thank you, this sharing is really nice !

Hi Grandilokan, welcome to the forum. Glad it’s helpful!