Editable Hermode tuning

I have been checking out hermode tuning and find that its adds incredible harmonic depth to my pieces.
Can Steinberg make the VST3 tuning data editable please and or release specs on how the vst3 tuning protocol works. I am thinking here of when the vst3 data has been fixed onto the track after it has been “merged in loop”.
Most of the chords work well but I find the occasional melodic or harmonic note needs a tuning tweak. especially when harmonic progressions move by mediants.or chromatically. It would be great if the data could be edited once midi bounced down as a final tuning edit for premixing.
Also, can VST3 tuning protocol be augmented so that the tuning data can be interpreted by other sampler/synth players other than Halion.

as a follow up I welcome anyone elses views or opinions, usage info etc re Hermode tuning. I think it works really well around at least 90-95% of the time.
I am astounded that Hermode Tuning is not taking up major bandwidth (that I can find) on forums etc, especially here on Steinberg’s own.

It’ my understanding that it’s up to the plugin author to implement this in their plugin. Also this predates VST3, so is not unique to it. Not sure what you mean by “VST3 data”

Not sure what you mean by this exactly. Is the track is still an instrument track?

Have you tried tuning individual notes using Note Expression?

I take your point re Hermode tuning predating vst 3., so does it use a Midi tuning protocol then or is it particular to Steinberg Halion etc?
While havin Hermode tuning switched on then when merging data onto a new track “(Merge Midi in loop” Function) I noticed that there is vst3 data written to the new track however I dont know what the data values mean or how to edit ( except maybe List editor ) .
If the type and value of tuning data was known then maybe I could adjust particular notes from other sources (ie Kontact or Opus) to match the Hermode tuning

I’d like to look at that data but am not able to reproduce it on my system. Maybe you can post a screenshot of the List Editor?

just a few remarks from the programmer:

  • the Hermode-Tuning is a playback feature only. There are no infos stored with the note events
  • if You find VST3 events after a Merge MIDI in Loop in a part, this is a Bug. The events have no effect.
  • Hermode tuning uses VST 2 and VST 3 features:
    VST 2: detune parameter for the starting pitch - VST 3: Note-Expression to retune a sounding note. So You need Instruments, which support both of them.
  • if You want to manipulate detune parameters, You will need the MicroTuner MIDI-Plugin.You can use automation to change the tuning tables dynamically (which is tedious,because it works only per track).
  • the whole feature is very costly, because we need to compute the internal chord structure of the complete song after each change in the project which includes note events.