Edited Event Pastes Differently than Original

This has confused me for a while now. . . After I’ve sliced, edited and crossfaded an event, if I copy it and paste it later in the project, it pastes differently than the original. I have an audio event where a guitar played a 2-measure riff (call it “riff”), 4 times (totaling 8 measures). The two measure riff has two parts, I’ll call them m1 and m2.

The guitarist played the riff 4 times live and I recorded it
I listened back and identified the best sounding m1 and cut it
I did the same for m2
The riffs should start on bar 4
The m1 I picked originally started on bar 6. Not sure if this matters.
I cut at each note
I used slip-editing and crossfading to get m1 where I liked it.
It looks like this:

I made sure the first note of the m1 event was starting on a gridline
I selected all of m1, copied it, went to bar 60 and pasted

When I played it back, there were now 2 crossfades between notes 1 and 2. and my remaining fades are not right so the whole thing is garbage. It looks like this:

What am I doing wrong?

I’m wondering if I’m required to bounce before copying/pasting however, I’m planning to play around with different silences in the riff to make it sound like an intentionally harshly cut guitar sample. So, I want to keep each note separate, not knowing what the future holds.

It looks like your Audio Files have Musical Mode disabled and you are also changing the Tempo from 71 in the first pic to 110 in the second. That combo will definitely cause problems if not setup properly.