Edited instrument names revert to default


I’ve now experienced the following problem twice: In an orchestral score I have edited all instrument names in setup mode, and all of a sudden it seems like all the changes are lost and the names are back to their default (english). I’m pretty sure I haven’t ticked any “back to default” anywhere etc. Anyone have an idea what could have happened?



Have you assigned a key command to Reset Instrument Names in the Key Commands page of Preferences, by any chance? And then accidentally hit that key combination?

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Thank you for your reply. And yes, that seems to be it (even though I don’t remember to have made such a key command). By the way, is it possible to save all the current instrument names to default (“with one click”) without having to go to each instrument and save separately?

No, I’m afraid there’s no way to save all of the current instrument names as default.

You can always save a copy of a project with all the players and instrument names set up as you like them and start new projects that require those same players/instrument names from that project.

Thank you for your answers.

Yes, I’m using projects with all my settings as templates, and that works fine.

When I started using Dorico, I wasn’t aware of the “save as default”-star/check box. So a lot of my settings are not currently saved as defaults. So now it seems as quite a lot of (detective-)work to find all the changes I’ve made and tick the “save as default-boxes”. For this it would be really helpful if there were a global “save all current settings as default”-option. Is that something you might consider for the future?

Thanks, and once again, thank you for a wonderful program, it is pure joy to work in it!


“Save as Default” in e.g. Engraving Options saves the current state of all options in that project as the default, so if you open a project that’s got everything you like set in it and save that as default, the settings in that project become your latest default settings.

About the instrument names, I’m experiencing a strange behaviour when doing the following:

  1. Open an old project with my edited instrument names and check the “save as default for instrument” checkbox for each instrument.
  2. Open a later project with the “wrong” (english) instrument names. When I type the key command for changing the instrument names to default (the default I set in the old project), nothing happens. If I go to a single instrument and say “Reset to default” it does indeed reset to my saved default. However, if I then type my key command for changing the instrument names to default again, it goes back to the “wrong” instrument names again. It seems like there is no way to save all the edited instrument names as default and setting them globally with the key command afterwards? I’m sure I’m doing something wrong…

When you reset the instrument names to default, it resets them to the default for that project, not to the defaults you’ve saved in the user library, unfortunately.

It happened again…! All instrument names revert to their default english names. And this time I didn’t hit a key command to reset them as I’ve made sure that key command was deleted.

However, I have had another document (from a friend) opened - could that have something do with it??

Seems very strange. (And of course a little bit annoying to have to redo all instrument names again and again).


No, opening a different project (either one of your own or one sent from somebody else) can’t affect the instrument names in another project. If you can remember at what time you opened the project and found that the instrument names were reset, if you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and send me the resulting zip file, I could take a look and see if I can find the smoking gun amongst the application logs.