Editing 2 guitars same time

Hey guys is there a way to edit 2 guitar DI at the same time and aligning it to grid? Basically I would like to see the overlay of one guitar DI behind the one im editing as a reference point.

just seeing what you guys think are the best ways to go about it.
I usually pan guitars hard (100%) L & R


if you create a folder and place those tracks inside that folder, the folder has a 3 line symbol you can activate to make group edit. Hope it helps.
You can find more info here:

Maybe if you open both tracks in the bottom editor you can have them layering on top of each other and then edit one against the other.

PS: i tried this method and if you activate the free warp you can actually time align the two guitars

what you ask for is the multitrack warp that cubase 11 doesn’t have. i hope it is implemented in cubase 12, i have been asking for it for years … it is a vital function.

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This is true. I remember making this request a long time. LEts see what 12 brings!

warping one track to fit against another as the OP describes is not too tricky, but warping a multisourced single part such as a guitar bi-amped on 2 tracks or a multi-miced drum performance on several tracks is! I too would like to see proper multitrack audio warp come to CubaseASAP. It’s a vital and very necessary feature, but there is a workaround:

The tracks requiring group warping can be combined into a multichannel surround format track, editided synchronously as that single multichannel track, then split back to their original source tracks.
It’s a little longwinded, but it works.

Nope Group editing does not work- Only with hit points and auto-quantize.

Only way is to Convert the 2 tracks to 1 Stereo track - Do your editing, split it back to mono. Unfortunately Cubase is still behind ProTools (and everyone else) on this…

with this expedient up to two tracks can be done, it becomes impossible for the drums, unfortunately. I will never tire of asking steinberg this!

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