Editing a custom line: Hyphenated text not showing at end, when start is active

It seems that Dorico would allow to show text at the start AND at the end of a line, since both options can be clicked: “Start with text” & “End with text”. However, in my case it doesn’t. Do I misunderstand the options here? Or is this a little bug?

I further noticed that it is possible to enter HEX Code in the line editor (even though the symbols are not displayed correctly in the input field), but not in the inspector (that might be the wrong name; I mean the part with all those options below the score). There is also a “Text” option, but at least on Mac it is not possible to enter HEX code; it seems to un-focus on the second letter that is entered.

Is this only my clumsiness or is this indeed not possible? If, not, would be great…