Editing a midi Backing track problems

I purchased a midi file backing track and opened it in cubase 7. As normal it assigned the channels and halion instruments. The thing is i want to change some instruments etc but when i open halion and turn down the volume of an individual track it works fine but when i stop the track the volume slider returns to it’s original position. is there some form of automix applied by the original composer because i cant see anything in cubase??? I want to remove this resetting thing!



You’ll probably find all the initial volume, FX and program change MIDI commands at beginning of the MIDI tracks. Open the list editor and make sure you’re not filtering any events and you’ll see them all.

Also sounds like you have “chase events” active in preferences - this is usually a good thing to do. When you stop Cubase playing the MIDI events and then start it again, it looks back from the starting point and executes the latest MIDI control change and program change events it finds. This is good because what you hear at the re-start is what you would have heard at that point had the project been played from the beginning.

If you want to change the programs that the MIDI file has selected you will probably want to delete all the program change commands you find in the tracks and then perform the changes you want directly on the HS interface.