Editing an XML file with time signature problems

I’m trying to edit an XML file to match the PDF of the score. The file imports with Time Signature errors and I haven’t worked out how to correct the errors in Dorico.

I opened the XML file and the first 3 staves didn’t have the 6/8 Time Signature. The fourth stave does have the Time Signature. Also the number of bars in the first 3 staves is less than the bars in the stave with the 6/8 Time Signature. They have 1 bar for every 3 bars of the fourth stave. The first 3 staves only have rests for quite a while.

How do I add bars to the first 3 staves to match the 4th stave? I’m brand new to Dorico, so I’m still learning the basics. I tried adding a 6/8 Time Signature to the first 3 staves, but couldn’t get that to work.

The file is attached. Thanks for any help.

forum_pg10_Carmen Act 2 Finale_from_XML.dorico (2.3 MB)

Use the system bar (alt-t) to select the entire score.
Edit>filter>Time Signatures. Delete!
At the start create a new time signature (shift-m 6/8)

Thanks for your help. Now I see how useful the Filter tool is!