Editing and Processing Individual Sounds in Halion Sonic SE

Hi there,

I’ve been through the operations manual and am somewhat surprised that I can’t find anything on editing individual sounds of a program within Halion Sonic SE. e.g. If I load “Dance Kicks” in the Multi Program Rack, how can I edit each individual sound within Halion Sonic SE? All the effects and processing seems like it can only be applied to each program globally via the 4 AUX busses. Surely if I want to use 3 sounds in a single HSse program and apply different processes to them exclusively, I don’t have to load 3 separate instrument tracks/ HSs?

I had a brainwave half way through writing this, but I am still open to suggestions as the following solution is clumsy:

  1. Load “Dance Kicks” in both slots 1 and 2 of the Multi Program Rack.
  2. On the MIDI Page:
    a) Set both Slots 1 and 2 to Channel 1.
    b) On the Key Range, set Slot 1’s low key to C 0 and its high key to C 0.
    c) On the Key Range, set Slot 2’s low key to C# 0 and its high key to C# 0.
  3. Now the first two kick drums of the program are on separate channels within the Mix Page and effects can be assigned to them independently via the AUX Sends.

Two points:

Firstly, I don’t quite understand why the two kick drums are on separate channels within the Mix Page, when in the MIDI Page I assigned both slots to the same channel.

Secondly, The above mentioned process is still rather limiting. It means that only 4 kick drums can have effects assigned to them exclusively (because there are only 4 AUX Sends).

All comments welcome. Many thanks.

Look up the difference between MIDI tracks and Instrument tracks.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, it really helped.

I have hit another snag.

By using VST Instrument Channels and therefore MIDI tracks, I can adequately access individual sounds from a program. However, I still feel limited in the way of processing the individual sounds I have just isolated by splitting them into separate MIDI tracks.

There are two sections in the Inspector. One is the Instrument Channel Settings and the other is for editing the channel settings for the selected MIDI track. What else is there other than “MIDI Inserts” to process and edit each MIDI track? In the Instrument Channel Settings section in the Inspector, there is “Audio Inserts” which would be ideal. But it obviously affects all the MIDI tracks globally. Is there a way to effectively apply the contents of “Audio Inserts” exclusively to individual MIDI tracks? What else is there?

Enable all of the outputs of the VSTi and apply the effects to each Instrument Channel. Every patch can be effected individually.

I think I know what you are referring to, but I’m still not quite getting it after much fiddling and searching in the operations manual.

To clarify:

I go Devices > VST Instruments > Activate All Outputs. 16 “HSSE Outs” appear in the Project Window. Of those, only “HSSE Main” reads a signal.

I press the “Edit Channel Settings” button on “HSSE Out 2” and up pops a beautiful Channel Settings window, but it is not receiving a signal.

I have been fiddling with “Channel Name” which also, it seems, assigns a channel to the Channel Editor I am in. The only thing that seems to work is selecting one of the relevant MIDI channels I want to add effects to (as expected). However, when I do this, the window changes, the desired inserts, strip, channel strip, EQ, and sends disappear, and all that is left in the window are the inserts and sends that are already available in the Inspector.

I’m stuck!

HSSE Main works fine. Surely HSSE 1, 2 etc. should correspond to MIDI track 1, 2 and so on grrrrr

Set each patch to a different MIDI channel and each MIDI track to a different MIDI channel. Don’t use effects in HSSE, but rather on the different Instrument channels associated with each patch.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. When you say “patch”, do you mean a program in one of the slots in Halion Sonic se? If not, how do I find the relevant patch (this info is unfortunately not contained within the Operations Manual, or is not easily located), and how do I set a patch to a MIDI channel? Do I just ignore the HSSE lanes that have opened all together? I’m so confused… and frustrated… Thanks for your help, it’s really appreciated.


You are legend for taking the time to make that video. Thank you.

Unfortunately I followed closely what you did several times and it didn’t work. Like before, the HSSE Main reads a signal, but none of the other channels do.

Excuse me while I kill myself.

HSSE, hit the MIDI tab. Post screen shot. post screenshot of project window

HSSE Main reading signal:
HSSE Main.jpg
HSSE Out 2 not reading signal:
HSSE Out 2.jpg
Project Window HSSE selected:
Project Window 1.jpg

Project Window MIDI track selected:
Project Window 2.jpg

I hope I’m missing something stupid and it isn’t serious.

Only way to see what’s up is a team viewer session. PM me if you want to do it.

Ok, just went through it and we’re missing one other step. Look at the screen shot and route the patches to the different outs there, also.

I LOVE CUBASE! :smiley: