Editing Audio Clips

Hi - for starters, i’m new - and i’m an old bloke - so please go easy on me!

Due to a change/updating my PC - i’ve jumped from Cubase SX3 (stop laughing), to Elements 8.

Granted, the principles are the same - but one thing that is driving me mad is this.

Say i’m recording a guitar track - and i make a mistake - what i used to do on SX3 (I’m sure there are better ways to do it), was just start recording over the same track, a few bars before the mistake, and then play from there. Once i’d finished recording, i would then go to the beginning of the overdub, and drag the start point to where I wanted it to kick in (ie, the mistake). The trouble i’m having now, is that if I do that in Elements 8 - it moves the whole audio clip, rather than just shave a few seconds off the start. Is there any way of getting my old method back?

I hope that makes sense - and if anyone can help me out, i’d really appreciate it.



In the toolbar where you select the arrow tool make sure to select the normal sizing option…sounds like you have sizing moves content selected.

Grim mate - you’ve no idea how much that helped!! Christ - I hadn’t even seen that toolbar - i’m so used to just right clicking.

Thanks so much for responding - you’ve made my day/week/month!