editing audio in the sample editor

I’ve got an audio event open in the sample editor.

I see the wave forms associated with my audio recording, then go to Variaudio - Pitch and Warp and get ‘segments’ representing the average pitch of each wave group/note as they are along the time line.

In ‘Pitch and Warp’ I can see how to quantize and straighten the pitch of any note throughout the event and to change the pitch of any particular segment.

I can also see how to change the appearance of the length of each segment on the screen (by going to ‘Segment’ and pulling or pushing one end of the segment one way or the other) but when I do this there is no change in the wave group or the audio for that region. This the problem is that I can’t work out how to get the wave front (ie the actual audio) to change accordingly.

So for example I have a played note that comes in slightly early and want to move it to the beat by shortening the segment so that the front of the segment sits on the beat and not before it, then want this change translated to the waveform and therefore to the actual audio.

How is this done? Is it even possible? I’m a bit thick and a really sloppy player. Please help!