Editing audio without having to create new file

I have this situation:
After a mix of a song I want to clean cut the start and end points, so there is NO blank space at the beginning or end.
When I do that and wants to make the edits permanent, I will use the bounce selection command to create a new (and smaller) file. Cubase will ask me if I want to replace events, and I will, an Cubase will then rename the new file by adding a number to the name, 01 ex.
But I would much rather prefer that the old file could be updated, leaving me with just that file and not having to remove the original file from the pole - and trash and then rename the new file to the original file name.
Is that possible in Cubase? It is in Logic X, I don’t remember the name of the command.

AUDIO>BOUNCE. Then remove unused media and empty trash in Pool (if you want the original to completely disappear from this frame of existence) :wink: