Editing audiofile with the same model

Hey everyone,
Hope someone can help me and I can explain my problem.
I have a long music i Have edited in a smaller one.
On the long music I made a new release on a track (GTR 3 en green in the pic which is the same length as the latest, exactly the same starts but some changes in the tone/interpretation) and I would like to edit this new release in the same way than I did on the older release. How can I do that quickly ? Sure a function should exists but I don’t know how.
An example in the pic : my longer track in green, my shorter one in blue, we can see the cuts.

Thanks for your help.


What kind of edits you made? Plug-ins, Direct Offline Processes, Cuts?

From where to where do you want to apply the changes?

Just cuts to shorten the song. You can see the cuts on the blue one. But how to recover where exactly and applying the same to my new release ?


That might be tricky… What do you mean by “new release”, please?

a new, shorter version of the song


You can select the Audio Events in the old one, copy it and paste it to the new one. Or you can use the Import from Project.