Editing Controller Lanes and Playback interference

Hey guys,

I’ve noticed when I manually change controller lanes in Dorico (say CC 1) and the playing technique is also set to that parameter (CC 1), Dorico tries to override my selection first, before following what I had input. This creates terrible jittering between Dorico’s choice, and mine. Has anyone else encountered this?

This is a limitation at present. When you use a VST instrument that uses a CC for dynamic, Dorico automatically generates the CC ‘profile’ required to render the dynamics. These are dynamically generated: any change to the dynamics in the score or note positions or durations will cause it to change. If we were to present that data in the automation lane so that it can be edited then Dorico wouldn’t know which values you have chosen to override and which are the autogenerated ones. This is quite a non-trivial problem. We do however intend to give you more ways of controlling the playback effect of the dynamics in a future version.

This would be fantastic Paul. At present much of the utility of having controller lanes is lost when I can’t effectively make edits. One idea I would love is to have the option to pre-render controller lanes data, since I often just want to correct a few moments here and there (rather than re-do the whole thing).