Editing decay for a Halion 5 Instrument

Hello! I’d like to make the “Fretless Bass” Halion 5 instrument take longer to fade out (decay). I’m familiar with basic wave synthesis and I’ve owned several synthesizers. I have watched several introductory programming videos for Halion. I feel overwhelmed by the nomenclature and architecture. I’ve supplied a screengrab so you can see which sound I’m asking about. I just want to make it take longer to fade out. Is there a quick way to do this for the entire sound? Thanks in advance!

The “Fretless Bass” is part of the HALion Sonic SE Artist library and comes with a generic Macropage.
Open the “Macro” page on the “Edit” tab and you can edit the release parameter for the entire preset

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Gerrit Junge

Hi, Gerrit!

Thank you. Your answer was SO CLOSE! But “release” is what happens after you let go of a key. I need to make it take longer to decay. That means, with my finger down on the key, I want the note to last longer before fading out.

I looked on that Macro page for such a setting, but couldn’t find one. Any ideas?


Hi Dave,
did you ever find a solution to this?
Or is it simply not possible to change decay times?
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Hi, Markus!

No, I did not.


Ist is not possible to edit additional parameters for Cubase-related HSSE sounds except the ones on the Macro page.

Thank you!