editing existing dynamics via popover


When editing an existing dynamic via the popover - for example if I double click a ‘mf’ and change it to ‘mf<’ - many times what happens is that Dorico will add the new dynamic marking(s) to the score while also leaving the old one in place, so you would now have the old ‘mf’ under the new ‘mf<’. Then of course you have to delete the old one manually.
I’m guessing this is not a feature, as I can’t think of any situation where this would be needed, especially not by default… or am I not using the popover properly in some way?

No, you’re not doing anything wrong. There’s a good deal of complexity in how dynamics get grouped, replaced and appended when they are created and edited, and some of that complexity unfortunately leaks into user-land sometimes. In the specific case you outline, my inclination would not be to reopen the popover but instead to simply type Shift+, to add a crescendo hairpin at the selected position, which will append the hairpin correctly as expected without duplicating the existing mf marking.