Editing file in External Editor Spectralayers, Export to SL converts file to .wav and namechange?


I am doing a project with multiple raw format audio files that need editing and then resave in the same, raw format and preferrably with the same file extension.

Inserting files to an Audio montage is no issue, by using the file selector and specifying the format in the “Special Audio Format” Dialog. I can also export a file as a “raw” file with no issues (but it would be a time saver to be able to set a user specified file extension, as the files I´m working on are just raw formats but with a special “proprietary” file extension. A secondary run through the Renaming Batch Processor is a viable solution though).

But when editing in external editor: Spectralayers, raw audio format files are exported from Wavelab to SL as a .wav file, and this makes things a bit more complicated. Spectralayer 7 can handle raw audio formats, and in the standalone app I can import/open raw files (at least with certain extensions; .raw/.pcm etc) - but even if I change the file extension on the file to .pcm it still gets converted to .wav when exporting to Spectralayer 7.

Is this because of how Wavelab exports files to Spectralayer, or is it a conversion that is made by Spectralayer?

In the process the file name is also changed, and when the file is updated to wavelab both the format (raw -> .wav) and the name has changed. When doing small edits of lots of files that need their file name, extension and format preserved this becomes an issue when using Wavelab -> Spectralayer External Editor.

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EDIT: Selecting a raw audio file (.pcm / .raw) in Wavelab and dragging it to Spectralayers keeps the formatting and name of the file when inserted into Spectralayer. Spectralayer asks for the specific format. I can also export the file from SL as a .raw file.