Editing Folders and Non Folder tracks simultaneously

I initially posted this in General, but its a Bug. The ability to open Folder Tracks and Non-Folder Tracks simultaneously is broken.

  1. Create a bunch of Midi Tracks
  2. Create Parts on those tracks and fill them with midi
  3. Put 4 of those tracks into a folder
  4. Select the Folder and The one midi part outside the folder
  5. Enter the editor
  6. If you try to edit a midi note, the folder contents disappear from the editor. (Rather, the contents of the folder type you’re not editing disappear, so if you try to edit a non-folder midi note the folder notes disappear and vice versa)

My workaround is to put everything in folders, close them and select for editing, but this makes it hard to edit, say one string line with all your winds.

Here is my original post about it -