Editing grace notes in Play mode


I’m trying to edit the grace notes in Play mode, since the automatic playback is not working for the particular piece I’m working on.

First problems is, I can’t have different automatic durations for each flow. So, if a flow requires slower grace notes and another faster ones, I can’t set them separately.

But when editing the length in Play mode, Dorico tries to force interpretation. I can impose my interpretation by adjusting both the start and end of the notes.

Is there a way to prevent automatic interpretation of grace notes? Better yet, if on a single flow level?


No, there are no per-flow options for grace note playback, Paolo. The available options are in Playback Options, and they’re project-wide.

Thank you, Daniel. I’ll see if I can manually edit all of them in Play mode. But I’m not sure Dorico is not changing my manual edits afterwards.


Daniel, please let me add a feature request: a Property to decide if a grace note is of tight or loose. The playback engine should humanize according to this option.


Again on grace note playback. If I manually modify their length in Play mode, will Dorico again change them automatically, if I change the general preference for their length?


I think that there is a bug in the way grace notes and surrounding notes are edited.

For example, if I have a long note followed by grace notes, I’m not able to freely adjust the length of the long note. I shorten it, and Dorico insists to restore the original length, or go over it.