Editing in a montage

Want to switch to Wavelab 8.5 after using Wavelab 5 for many, many years. So i downloaded the free Wavelab Elements trial and have a few questions:

  1. how can i select a portion of time or of a clip? When i click-hold and drag while (in a montage) nothing happens. Likewise, when i click anwhere in a montage and click elsewhere while holding shift i also don’t get a selection of time.

  2. after i splice a clip in a montage using keyboard command “S” there’s a problem adjusting the length of the two clips. When i drag the left end of the right clip everything is fine, but when i drag the right end of the left clip it moves ALL clips to the right of it up & down in the time line. How can i change the outgoing length of the left clip without it moving all other clips?

  1. This should work, remember that a montage clip has several areas that are used for different results. For time selection it may also be you have to select outside a clip (and then, WL Elements may be different here).

  2. This is due to a preference being set to move the rest of the audio clips to the right, keeping the gaps inbetween constant. Don’t know exactly where it is set.

  1. thanks, it’s not working…maybe a bug then in the Elements-trial version.

  2. thanks, i’ll check the preferences.