Editing in another DAW

Hi - would it effect the sound quality of a WAV file (guitar track) if I recorded it in Cubase Pro 9 and then exported it into another DAW (Mixcraft 7) for editing and then Imported the file again into Cubase?

Cubase Pro 9 is seriously poor compared to Mixcraft 7, for example, when it comes to simple editing tasks like deleting a small section of a track.

In Mixcraft you just select 1/64 fit to grid and then clip tiny amounts off tracks in just a few seconds.

In Cubase Pro 9 it is a long and drawn out endeavour.

The sounds in Cubase are superior to Mixcraft and that is why I have to stick with it due to the competitive nature of the industry but the hours/days/weeks that it takes is horrendous in Cubase to complete a simple recording/mastering due to the problems with constantly having to change Inputs/Outputs and the massive amount of time necessary to Edit Tracks.

No, for as long as the sample rate is kept the same and you use 24 bit files.

But you can mute small parts of an audio part very easily (and much more precisely) in Cubase too, specially now that we have the lower zone.

I’ve got a few very significant problems with Cubase that have sent me back to my previous DAW until they’re fixed, but the editing on cubase is pretty great (not perfect, but pretty great overall). It’s fast and pretty intuitive once you get the hang of it (like any DAW, it takes a while to really get it down with key commands, etc.). It’s very deep, and even though it’s not perfect with editing, it’s damn good. Haven’t used MixCraft so I don’t know about that.

To answer your question: Just like the previous poster said, as long as you don’t change the files with any kind of formatting to other bit rates or sample rates, there should be no loss whatsoever.

OK - thanks to you both for the advice. It is a big help to me to be reassured!

Can’t you just use the range tool snapped to the grid ,select the section and hit delete?