Editing in score.

Create instrument track.
open score.
insert a few notes manualy.
the last note is active.
activate the first note, it turns blue.
erase the last note with the eraser, without first clicking on the last note .
first and last note are gone, why?

Even the first note is active it should not be removed.
This is very tricky while composing, if somewhere a note is active you erase it while
erasing a note somewhere else.

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Inserting a note, the note turns blue.
How can I change the colour of the inserted note in red ??


You are correct that this is not logical, since the behavior is different in Key Edit, where a selected note becomes unselected when you use the eraser tool to delete another note.

You can avoid the danger by hitting Select None or clicking in empty space before doing the erasure. (ctrl/command-shift-A)