Editing in Variaudio prevents playback

Hi! I recently upgraded from Cubase 7 to Cubase 8.0.20. I used to love using Variaudio, but recently, every time I try to edit a track the audio disappears. If I double click on the track and the vocal editor appears, I can analyze the track with variaudio, I can click on a segment to hear what it sounds like, but as soon as I change the pitch of a segment, the audio for that track disappears until I undo my pitch change at which time the track’s audio comes back. Am I missing something? Is there a button I forgot to push or a timestretch mode I need to select or something? This is a bit irritating, and I don’t know how I will fine tune vocals without it. Thanks for your help!


6 core i7 with 16GB Ram, 512 GB SSD, and 2 TB HD
Cubase 8.0.20
Waves 9
Slate Plugins
Izotope Plugins