Editing in write mode decreases volume on vst slider

Hi there. I am finding that when I am in play mode then wish to make changes in write mode the changes are made but the volume slider on the vst instrument concerned goes very low for those changed notes and all notes to come. The original volume comes back if I revert back to the original notes. I would love to be able to rewrite in write mode and all other settings stay the same. I have the latest Dorico 4.13.117 (?) and 64 gig ram, i7 12 cores , 2tb ssd. I am finding Dorico to be a great program now. I would really appreciate some help. Many thanks in advance.
Kind regards,
Peter Baldwin.

This sounds very peculiar, Peter. Could you please attach a small section of a project that exhibits this behaviour? Perhaps what’s happening is that the notes you’ve input have overridden velocity (e.g. because you recorded them via your MIDI keyboard in real time, or imported a MIDI file), and the notes you’re inputting in their place are input in step-time or via the computer keyboard, in which case they won’t have overridden velocities? It might be that simply adding some written dynamics to the music would be sufficient.

Or I could be barking up the wrong tree entirely, but we’d need to see the project to say more.

Hi Daniel. Thanks for your quick response. I can change the pitch or velocity of changed notes but I cannot change the duration of the notes without the volume slider going very low. Thanks in advance,
Peter B.
P.S Dorico now is a great program Love it!

Could you attach a small section of the project that exhibits the problem, so I can make a more informed suggestion?

Hi Daniel. Thanks for your quick response again. I have solved the issue I think. I just double click on the note I wish to change, change its duration and point the blinking caret at the pitches I need. I don’y know why this is necessary but I am glad for the solution. Dorico 4.2 is a great program and your tech help is very fast.
All the best,