Editing individual tempo points in the project view

I’m just wondering the reason for what I see as an irritating quirk in the program.

In the Tempo Track, I want to change the value of a particular point on the tempo line. I click on the point, which turns it from white to black, then move up to the toolbar to adjust the time in the tempo box. As I click on the “down” arrow to lower the tempo, I see that the point I have selected is not correspondingly moving downward; the unselected point in front of the cursor (wherever it happens to be at the time) is the one that is moving. So why is it not the selected point that moves? This seems completely counter-intuitive, and after decades of using Cubase, I still get tripped up by this every time.

You’re saying you move up to the toolbar and use the arrows, but arrows for tempo are only displayed on the Transport, so I presume you mean the transport.

To do the modification you describe, you should edit the value in the info-line.

If you edit the tempo in the transport panel (with the Tempo Track activated), it edits the last tempo point before the cursor, as you observed.

note-title edited- was: Just a “Why?” Question


No, not the Transport Bar, I’m referring to the toolbar above the Info Line. It’s similar to the box on the Transport. But OK, I can use the Info Line Value to change the tempo. I’m just always drawn to the toolbar box in the center of the screen, so it seems like that’s where the tempo should be changed. It feels like a workflow hurdle to have to run over to the left side to do it. Thanks for the response.

Question: Are you editing the right-most (last) tempo point?

My intent is to edit the tempo point that I have selected, not necessarily the last one in the series.

Okay, now I understand.

In this scenario you are clicking the arrows in the Transport>Tempo field, or in the Enter Tempo dialog box (Shift+T).

This behavior changed in Cubase 10, I think it was, and now it edits the last tempo point time-wise. It’s the kind of feature that goes along with the simplified zoned single window interface.

There are two things I can think of to aid this workflow–

  • Assign a keystroke to Edit>Edit Info Line and use it to highlight the info-line, and hit Tab once to highlight the tempo value. (then hold down ctrl/cmd and use the up and down keys to adjust)

  • remove the left and right dividers from the info-line in order to center the fields


Yeah, removing the dividers helps. Thanks for the suggestion.