Editing instrument from Arrange page SOLVED

This is probably a stupid question but I can’t seem to work it out:

Is there a way to go straight from a MIDI track on the arrange page to edit the source ‘Rack instrument’ WITHOUT having to hit F11, work out which instrument is sounding, and hit the ‘E’ button there? I use multiple Vienna Instruments, which all look the same on the (horrible, clumsy, oversized) Instruments window and most of the time when I open the piano roll editor I’d like it if the relevant VST opened so I can check what’s going on.

Perhaps I should use ‘Track Instruments’ instead, but I’ve always found they introduce a fresh layer of confusion I can do without.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

the best is to Assign key command to open VSTI editor.
in midi editor you can also set to show the VSTI Editor icon on the tool bar area.

:sunglasses: well that was helpful to me … thanks mozizo :sunglasses:

Thanks, will check this out in the morning. Cheers.

[next morning edit … ] Lordy, that was easy! Thanks again Mozzizo and Limit54.

In the inspector on the left beside the name of the vsti there is a small icon that looks like a few piano keys. Click that and your vsti will pop up