editing instrument in MIDI tracks

I am using cubase LE 5. I created a midi track in a project, and put some MIDI data in using the score editor. I can play this back, and it makes a piano sound. In the Inspector, under output routing it says “Microsoft G…Table synth”. Below this, there is an icon that looks like part of a keyboard. When I hover the mouse over this, it says “Edit Instrument”, which is what I want to do, but when I click on it, nothing happens except it changes color. How do I change the instrument?

Microsoft GS Table Synth is not an editable synth. It is a very generic collection of MIDI instrument sounds.
For the instrument, try selecting a different instrument. Not sure what LE5 has as choices but if you have anything with HALion in it, select that. Then you should be able to edit the instrument and select different “presets” (instruments).

Ok. I figured out that I can get access to the HalionOne synthesizer by creating an instrument track instead of a MIDI track. Does anyone know how to change the instrument the Microsoft GS Wavetable synth uses for playback on the MIDI tracks? And why are there these two different types of MIDI tracks (“MIDI” and “instrument”)?

In LE midi tracks are for sending midi to an external midi port (if you have one) for control over “real” keyboards outside of the computer (mainly)
Instrument tracks are for Vsti’s or internal “virtual” instruments.

The MS GS synth is not really suitable for use with cubase, you should be able to change the sound by selecting a diferent “patch number”