editing keyboard shortcuts

I’m trying to edit or create a keyboard shortcut for moving the cursor to the next marker and back to the previous marker. In Wavelab 7 and 8 the keys used to be mumberpad 4 and 6 respectively. In Wavelab 9 shift N and shift B do not work. And changing does not work. Any ideas on how to make these changes?


They were 4 and 5 on the numberpad in Wavelab 8 for me (on Windows). And I’ve missed them since I’ve been using Wavelab 9. But I found I could change them back to 4 and 5 from the defaults, “(” and “)”, in the Shared Audio File and
Montage section of the Shortcuts Preferences (Next Marker and Previous Marker). Worked for me, with no conflicts so far. Thanks for bringing this up, because I’ve really missed those shortcuts, and I hope it works for you, if you’d want to go back to the numberpad numbers.